FAQ's: BALTIC Rooftop Zip Slides

BALTIC's Frequently Asked Questions for the Rooftop Zip Slides


  • There is not an age restriction for the zip slide, however all zippers must weigh between 7 and 18 stone in order to participate in this event.

What do I wear?:

  • You are welcome to zip in any clothing you like. We have zipped people dressed in pink gorilla costumes before. Branded charity t-shirts are also allowed.
  • If you have long hair, please bring a hair bobble with you. We will have elastic bands for hair available too.
  • Please be mindful that it may be cold on the roof so please dress accordingly to make sure you are warm enough. We'll provide an update on the weather here nearer the time.
  • Please wear flat comfortable shoes, preferably with laces - we don't want your shoes falling during the zip.
  • You will be provided with all safety equipment.

Where can I put my valuables:

  • BALTIC has lockers available for bags on the Ground Floor. A member of crew on the welcome desk will be able to show you where these are on arrival.
  • We do not recommend that you zip with your mobile phone, wallet etc. in a pocket. However if you wish to do so, please ensure it is secured in a zip-up pocket. BALTIC will not be held responsible for any damage done to your items during the zip. Zippers carry items at their own risk.

Your tickets:

  • If you purchased your ticket in-store at BALTIC Shop you will have a ticket printed on card. The date is clearly visible and the time of your zip is located under the date.

  • If you purchased your tickets online via Eventbrite, the date of the event will be shown at the top of the ticket in the box marked 'Event'. If you purchased a ticket under a different name, for instance, if the ticket is a gift or group booking, this is fine. We use the name and ticket number printed on the ticket when checking in.


  • Please arrive for the time shown on your ticket. (You do not need to arrive earlier than the time stated.)
  • On arrival, please head to the Information Desk on the ground floor where you will find a zip stand. Here all zippers will be directed to the zip holding zone. Only zippers will be allowed beyond this point.
  • If the zipper is younger than 16 years old, one parent or guardian will need to join them until the zipper is called to the roof.

Holding zone:

  • Show you ticket at the entrance to the zip holding zone for check in. Once checked in you will be given a health and safety briefing and will put on your harness and helmet for the zip.

How do I get to the roof?:

  • All zippers will be called and escorted to the roof in groups of 10. If you have friends or family you would like to zip with, please let a member of staff know. Once on the roof you'll wait for a few minutes before doing the zip.

From arrival at BALTIC to landing we anticipate will take approximately one hour.

Where do I land?:

You will land outside Sage Gateshead on Performance Square.

The landing zones will be clearly visible with a scaffolding tower and flags. We recommend sending friends and family here to see you zip.

- Do not consume alcohol prior to zipping for health and safety reasons.

We hope you enjoy your zip. Should you have any other enquiries, please contact The Zip Team on experiences@balticmill.com