Sketchbook Circle

31 October - 15 December 2015

An exhibition of sketchbooks by Artist Teachers working in the North East and Cumbria, this exhibition celebrated the Sketchbook Circle; a national collaboration of artist educators sharing and responding to the artwork and processes of previously unknown colleagues.

Starting in 2013 as part of a national training initiative called TEA; Thinking, Expression and Action; the Sketchbook Circle is now in its third year. Funded by the Rachel Helen Mackaness Trust and facilitated by NSEAD and Campaign for Drawing, TEA focussed on drawing in secondary education as the basis for action research, exploring the development of professional teaching practice through investigation and experimentation. Inspired by this, TEA teachers created a series of diverse collaborative opportunities to supplement their own work as Artist Teachers as well as inform their classroom activity. Sketchbook Circle is one of these opportunities.

This exhibition presents a collection of drawings, collages, prints and textiles within their original Circle sketchbooks, alongside a series of short films. As part of Sketchbook Circle, this work has inspired, provoked and offered our region’s active community of art teachers the opportunity to creatively co-respond to their colleagues, supporting their own wellbeing and enhancing the creative and investigative learning of their pupils.

Quay Gallery presents and hosts a changing programme which celebrates innovative partnership projects with formal learning and community organisations.

Sketchbook Circle is funded by The Big Draw and supported by NSEAD, the National Society for Education in Art and Design and presented in Quay Gallery, BALTIC.